Using traditional and alternative means of financing

Crowdfunding often successfully fills gaps in the funding of renewable energy projects. Additionally, it is a means to create a positive relationship between a project and the regional population. For that reason, a crowdfunding element is often demanded in the financing structure – even if a traditional scheme has already been set up.

Generally, extensive projects cannot rely on crowdfunding only. EU regulations on consumer protection stipulate costly security prospectus requirements and advisory duties on crowdfunding on the one hand – or limit the maximum participation of individuals on the other. Though these regulations are differently interpreted in France and Germany: In both countries financing structures have to balance all traditional and alternative means of financing if they want to be successful. 

Sterr-Kölln & Partner supports all parties involved to integrate a crowdfunding element into their financing concept. We do this by:

  • evaluating all possible financing modules for a given project 
  • using traditional and alternative means of financing in a well-balanced concept 
  • negotiating with banks and investors 
  • drafting the documents and contracts for crowdfunding and banks